Choose your favorite way to give!

  • Liberty Church - Cleveland, Texas
  • Liberty Church - Cleveland, Texas


You’ve got options when you’re deciding how to give online at Liberty Church:  Text Giving and Online; each are connected to the same account to provide you the freedom to be a faithful giver.








Online Giving FAQ’s

Your giving designation is based on a keyword so that it can be applied correctly for tax purposes.
Text Tithe $100 to give $100 toward tithes, Text Building $75 to give $75 toward the Building Fund.

Tithe – For your tithes
Offerings – For a general donation or offering
Building – Towards the building fund
Children – Towards the children’s ministry
Youth – Towards the Youth Ministry

Your giving history can be viewed by simply logging into you smart giving online account. Go Here
When you make a gift, you will receive a text confirmation that re-states the amount given. If you made a mistake in typing you can respond with the word “refund” within the first 30 minutes and card will not be charged. After 15 minutes you can contact us at support@kindrid.comand a refund can be issued for you.
To update or change your payment information or billing address, you can visit your online account.  You may also text “STOP” to disable your phone, and you will be prompted to re-register the next time you give via text message.
Nothing that is case sensitive, and your TEXT giving will work as 100 or $100 or $100.00 or 100.00 etc.

Email is best:
Or on Twitter at: @_kindrid
Or by phone: (954) 379-2285 (M-F, 9-5 EST)